Senior software developer

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Senior software developer

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About Sentiens

Are you seeking new challenges?
Come join the Sentiens team and be a part of an innovative project in the field of short message exchange networks.

Numerous entities have developed radio technologies to efficiently transmit short messages. This has resulted in a fragmented landscape of options that Sentiens aims to unify through a deeply innovative and simplifying approach, catering to companies that increasingly rely on data to optimize their processes.

Sentiens aims to create a new open-source software infrastructure to support the potential of 0G technologies.

The company is recruiting its first profiles to establish the foundations of the system, whether it be on the backend or frontend.

The position

You contribute to the design (and documentation!), development, testing, and deployment of various elements of the Sentiens ecosystem (mobile and web applications, back-end, public cloud and/or on-premises hosting). In essence, you are involved in various roles within software engineering, with a strong entrepreneurial spirit. The different tasks are assigned to the team members based on their aspirations and/or skills. This allows you to try, experiment, propose, make mistakes, but most importantly, learn.

The Environment

The project is still in its early stages, so everything that follows is not completely finalised. Feel free to discuss it with us 🙂

  • Microservice architecture (or not), mainly based on components written in GO.
  • Runtime on Docker Swarm / Kubernetes, and/or its lightweight variants (such as k3s).
  • Ongoing discussion on the choice of UI framework: VueJS or Flutter for mobile app (if any).
  • CI/CD and all automation tools (Ansible, Terraform, …).
  • All of this within a Cloud-native approach with a part on a public cloud.
  • In the domain of 0G, with network issues, embedded base stations, scalability, and more.
  • Development following agile principles, but with a reasoned and adapted application.

Your background

Required Experience: Talent knows no age, we are primarily looking for profiles.

Working at Sentiens means the promise of:

  • Being a key element of an expert team
  • Participating in the technical and technological direction of the company project.
  • Everyone can and should bring their point of view to the discussion for the benefit of the project.
  • Contribute to Open Source whenever possible
  • Build a pleasant and respectful work environment, based on the concepts of Feature Team and Agility.

Practical information

  • Permanent contract based in the IoT Valley in Labège, France (231 rue Pierre & Marie Curie).
  • Remuneration based on the profile.
  • Flexibility and kindness: remote work, flexible hours, respect for work-life balance.