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Sigfox LAN

Expanding the range of Sigfox applications through LAN connectivity

Sentiens offers a fully customizable LPWAN network solution that can be used as a SaaS, installed on-premises, or even embedded on the edge of your device!
With Sentiens, Sigfox operators can provide a seamless solution to customers, taking advantage of our seamless LAN/WAN transition. This enables new businesses that were previously inaccessible.
The Sigfox technology is incredibly powerful, and when used in a LAN environment, it delivers its full potential in terms of pricing and customization.

Asset tracking

Sentiens provides LAN connectivity to its customers, most of whom are active participants in the global network initiative. When a device identifier is detected by one of the deployed networks, customers who have subscribed to the Sentiens asset tracking service will receive instant alerts.
Sentiens is inviting all IoT network providers to join the global network, allowing them to define their own terms and conditions. This includes pricing based on the number of identifiers transmitted with location accuracy (either raw metadata or processed location), as well as pricing per transmitted payload.
In addition, Sentiens encourages asset tracking solutions to subscribe to the global network, enabling them to expand their revenue streams and market presence. Network partners have the flexibility to provide GPS positions and radius, or share metadata that can be processed by partners using their intellectual property to improve location accuracy.


Smart building

Harnessing the power of multi-LPWAN

In the field of smart buildings, embracing a multi-LPWAN technology approach provides a range of benefits, including enhanced connectivity, improved coverage, scalability, cost-effectiveness, and interoperability.
By leveraging the strengths of various LPWAN technologies, smart buildings can unlock their full potential, enabling efficient management, reduced energy consumption, and an enhanced user experience.
As the adoption of smart buildings continues to accelerate, the utilization of a multi-LPWAN strategy will be crucial for building owners and facility managers aiming to create sustainable, intelligent, and future-ready environments.

Connected agriculture

Revolutionizing connected agriculture with LAN and multi-LPWAN networks

In the world of connected agriculture, the convergence of Local Area Network (LAN) and Low-Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN) technologies is paving the way for significant advancements.
By integrating LAN with LPWAN technologies, farmers and agricultural businesses can reap numerous benefits. LAN infrastructure provides a robust and reliable network within a localized area, while LPWAN technologies offer long-range and low-power connectivity for remote monitoring and control of agricultural systems.
This powerful combination enables real-time data collection, precision agriculture, efficient resource management, and enhanced decision-making. The fusion of LAN and LPWAN technologies is revolutionizing connected agriculture, empowering farmers to optimize productivity, reduce costs, and foster sustainable farming practices.