Leading the way in uniting efforts to unlock IoT market

Multi-protocol core network LAN that enables different technological LPWAN solutions to be aggregated


Leading the way in uniting efforts to unlock IoT market

Sentiens was founded by IoT experts, each with over 20 years of experience in the field. They were pioneers in the M2M market, introducing groundbreaking solutions such as GPRS and first Ultra-low power communication technology. As founders of the first low-bandwidth network, they have an extensive background in the market that goes beyond connectivity. Currently, the Sentiens team is actively working to consolidate all IoT efforts into a global contribution that effectively fulfills market requirements.

While multi-protocol platforms have yet to overcome the IoT bottleneck, it is important to recognise that no single solution can meet all market expectations.

Factors such as power consumption, coverage and price points are critical in determining the viability of a business solution. As a consequence, the IoT market cannot reach its full potential without global cooperation between network providers, including mobile network operators (MNOs).

But today, 90% of the signals received by antennas around the world go unprocessed and if a network does not recognise the message identifier, it is discarded. So, the only viable approach to the IoT challenge is now to connect all existing networks.


Sentiens aims to invite all network operators to join a global initiative and provides an open source proxy dedicated to forwarding messages to a central registry. Each network provider can decide which messages it wants to forward without any negative impact on its existing business and define their pricing for forwarded data. In addition, participation offers many other benefits, including Opportunities for their customers to access global coverage or improved resilience. Additional revenue streams when m the first wireless network message recycler essages reach their intended recipients. Increased market confidence by providing reassurance without relying on a single standard protocol, thus encouraging higher volumes.


And in order to fully embrace this approach, Sentiens offers a network server designed to support a wide range of protocols. This allows all network servers to contribute to the global and universal network. Recognising the complexity of addressing the entire IoT market, Sentiens strives to ensure the highest sustainability for customers, even in the face of different protocols. While recognising the advantages and unique features of spread spectrum protocols such as LoRaWAN, Sentiens also firmly believes in the benefits of ultra narrow band technology, . As a result, Sentiens offers private LAN version of the Sigfox protocol, complementing the public Sigfox network and catering to customers specifically looking for a LAN version to meet their specific needs.

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We have developed a unique core network that is natively multi-protocol, highly customisable to fit all your needs!



Sigfox technology has been deployed as a public network, operated by Unabiz. We have a unique offer of Sigfox deployment in LAN, independently.



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