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Multi-technology core network server

Sentiens has developed a Multi-protocol core network LAN that enables different technological LPWAN solutions to be aggregated : Sigfox, LoRaWAN, Bluetooth Low Energy, Zeta…

Thanks to this platform, Sentiens offers to customers to use the best technology for its needs while guaranteeing sustainability of their investment, not depending on the technology provider.


In a single product, Sentiens provides access to Sigfox, LoRaWAN, Zeta and BLE protocols and any other technologies that may arise


In addition to supporting as many protocols as possible, Sentiens has designed its core network to be interconnectable, whatever the underlying technology used


The system can be hosted either on the customer’s premises, in the cloud or directly on the gateway/automate (edge network server) either centralised or distributed.

Ultra-narrow band private LAN

Sigfox is a major player in the field of ultra-narrowband wireless solutions. In line with this, Sentiens offers a private LAN (Local Area Network) solution that is fully compatible with existing Sigfox devices. Various factors, including limited global coverage, regulatory constraints, privacy concerns and cost considerations, lead certain customers to seek the benefits of Sigfox when implementing their private solutions.

To ensure reliability, some customers require the ability to maintain operational processes without relying on Internet access. Sentiens addresses this need by embedding the network server directly into the customer’s infrastructure, enabling a fully autonomous IoT network. The provided ultra-narrowband network server effectively manages Sigfox devices and future solutions that leverage the key benefits of ultra-narrowband technology.

When Internet access is available, Sentiens enables customers to integrate private networks into the global network while ensuring robust security and privacy measures. This functionality adds significant value and revenue opportunities for Sentiens customers.

For customers using equipment that supports both protocols, Sentiens offers the option of combining the ultra-narrowband LAN with the LORA LAN version into a single network server, streamlining operation and management.

Turn-key projects

Sentiens assists clients in finding the most efficient solution by analysing the value of data for their projects. It is essential to avoid collecting data if the investment and operational costs outweigh the expected benefits of data use. Sentiens initiates in-depth discussions with the client’s experts to assess the value of the data.

If an economically viable solution exists, Sentiens provides a comprehensive document with Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to demonstrate the potential returns. This document serves as a reference for designing the appropriate solution, taking into account sustainability guarantees and environmental impact.

While remaining technology agnostic, Sentiens prioritises sustainability and environmental considerations by providing an open solution that works with existing networks. Sharing infrastructure does not compromise security, as wireless signals can be securely transmitted through antennas and connected processing units.

Finally, Sentiens is committed to providing its customers with the agility to seamlessly transition to future standards without disrupting production.
When suitable networks are available to meet customer requirements, whether global or partial, Sentiens proactively works with network owners to minimise project capital expenditure (CAPEX) and add value to existing network providers. The Sentiens Proxy is specifically designed to increase the impact of IoT initiatives and increase revenues for deployed networks.